10 August 2012

August blues

July; crisp. August; fresh.

Have been back in the homeland getting my fill of English essence. Went back down to Falmouth for a reunion. A time of sailing the high seas, sticking my oar in (what's new?) and pressing reset. Emotional to see wholesome old friends in our dearly beloved Cornwall.

Falmouth: We swam and sailed and fished and buffered our cheeks and barbecued and drank like fish and danced and laughed and pretended we were all 21 again. It was so cheesy but we'd needed it badly as our lungs are smothered by thick webs of city smog most of the time these days.

We promised that we're going to do it every year, but I don't know.....we're getting on a bit now. I know this because when we hit the floor in Falmouth's newest jive-joint, "Mamma Africa" (which we misread as "Granny Africa" - that says it all really, doesn't it?), various whippersnappers struggled to contain their awe (or was it shock...?) as we laid down some seriously bold rave shapes. I'm talking The Cottage, circa 2006.

Anyway, onto the Instagram photos.....through my intrepid explorations of Instagram on the high seas, I discovered around 750 new shades of blue this year. That's right. This is another way of saying I had absolutely no desire to regiment the various available Instagram filters (or ability to remember which one I'd used previously, perhaps...?!). I am an INSTAGRAM MAVERICK.

.........Notice how the blue looks completely different in each picture - in some images the ocean looks positively mediterranean, in others you could be mistaken for thinking we were somewhere near Iceland. Isn't it magical??

Note to self: Get. a. grip. Here they are.

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