05 March 2014

Updates: Where can you see my work?

Changes afoot as always, which is how i like it. Work is busy, almost too busy - again, how I like it, and I'm still merrily ensonced in my silly little tin shed on the roof. Have contemplated moving many times but the terrace always calls me back. Just started a small vegetable patch which I plan to document and water rigorously. You'll see the fruits of this on Instagram (follow me if you like it!).

Planning a snazzy new wordpress blog that will have a lot more structure to it. This blog was originally intended for personal use only, but as I gain speed and bulk up my portfolio, I really should invest in a suitable platform for my work. 

Of course, some articles can't be reproduced elsewhere so much of what you'll see here is lighter...cathartic, almost.

So this blog has been a sort of sanctuary...a way to figure out what works and what doesn't. It's useful to look at older posts and see how my style has evolved over the years. During my first fledgling steps, getting constructive feedback by directing people here was also a positive motivation to keep going. 

So where can you see my work now?


Have been working full-time as content strategist and tech-writer at http://www.reviewpro.com/ for a year now.

The fabulous Barb Delollis, former USATODAY travel reporter for 12 years, was my boss and mentor for several months and taught me a great deal about the industry while editing my written work. It was a privilege to work with her. 

So far it's been a steep learning curve and an eye-opener to be part of the process from successful start-up to (almost) profitable, established company.


Currently working on a huge new project as writer/editor at http://www.mirusmag.com, an online magazine with yearly print edition. It will focus on lesser-known, up and coming districts in cities as diverse as Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Mexico City, New York and Sarajevo. 

I'll be writing about the post-industrial district of Poblenou in Barcelona. It's now flourishing as a sort of creative mecca for artists and designers from every corner of the globe, but is still vastly under-documented. 

When Stefan visited a few weeks ago we spent every spare second flying around the neighorhood, interviewing business owners, designers, artists and even an award-winning movie director. All will be revealed in May.

Interviewing people, or "official nosiness," as I like to call it, is my favorite aspect of journalism. It gives you a reason to connect with strangers, to get inside their minds and have a root around and then report back on all of it. It's mind-bending and world-expanding. 


Continue to write about and photograph beautiful shops all over Barcelona. Check out some recent work - Colmado Murria, Norma Comics or La Varieté. Will definitely have to create a page to include some of the portraits I've taken of shopkeepers around the city. All interesting people with fascinating stories to tell. Love them all.


Check out the most recent article I wrote for miniguide. About AWKWARD, a music collective whose niche sits somewhere between rave and clubbing in a secret location on the industrial fringes of the city (Poblenou...how did you guess?!).

.....And now back to work. xxxxx

p.s If you think we could liaise professionally, come and say hello on LinkedIn.