14 June 2012

Matthew Hawtin: Dimensions

[This piece was published in the July 2012 issue of Barcelona Connect magazine.]

In collaboration with Sónar Festival of Advanced Music and New Media art, last night MUTT inaugurated “Dimensions,” a solo exhibition showcasing the work of Canadian artist Matthew Hawtin.

MUTT gallery has already gained a solid reputation in Barcelona for hosting a diverse array of events in support of both local and International talent.

Hawtin’s art focuses on the concept of creating a 3D space using minimalistic shapes, bold colours and elements of repetition to bring a sense of symmetry and depth to the canvas, a 2D surface.

Matthew’s brother Richie Hawtin, the owner of record labels Plus 8 Records and Minus Records, produced music accompanying the exhibition.

Matthew has looked to interpret the simplicity of electronic music since he first designed the artwork for Richie’s “Dimension Intrusion” album in 1993. Their working collaboration since then has also served as a visual record of the development of electronic music.

“My work has slowly been minimalised and reduced,” he says. “I think that’s what any artist wants to do, whatever medium they work with. They want their work to be refined until it’s down to its pure essence; achieve an idea in its purest form, in a way.”

There is an undeniable sense of synesthesia in Matthew’s work; rhythms become symmetrical lines, pulsing beats are rendered as blurred edges. It is the exploration of these parallels between visual and audio art that have brought “Dimensions” to Sónar.

Matthew Hawtin: Dimensions
MUTT gallery, Carrer Comerç 15, Barcelona
13th June – 31st July 2012

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