18 September 2012

Poblenou rising

Have been writing alot about Poblenou recently - an article for miniguide (my first published, full length feature article!) and another text for lecool, translated online into spanish but here is the original version:

Until recently, Poblenou was Barcelona’s forgotten neighbourhood, only rarely called upon for the odd okupa rave or rock gig. But being on the very fringes of the city’s cultural scene has had its advantages – unlike the oversaturated city centre, the non-descript facades of Poblenou’s industrial buildings offer miles of space to think, breathe and create. 

This weekend, hundreds of artists, sculptors, designers, photographers, illustrators and graffitists throw open their studio doors for the annual Tallers Oberts del Poblenou (open workshops of Poblenou), offering us a glimpse into the creative freedom bubbling beneath the surface of this underrated district. 

The studios themselves are architectural gems in their own right, with many having achieved protected status. And there is certainly a gamut of activity for everyone to enjoy - be it open graffiti at La Escocesa, a lesson in art and gastronomy at La Plataforma or experimental dance at renowned arts center Hangar - among countless others. A must for nosy art lovers. See website for details. http://topbcn.org/

As you can see, there is so much talent to be found there. I've really enjoyed investigating it all and meeting the inspiring people who beaver away behind closed doors. I can only hope that the public continues to support artists in the neighbourhood; it hasn't been an easy ride.