27 January 2011

Penguin Great Ideas and bloody great covers

So recently I've been reading and writing alot more than i had been for a long time. it's been creative and inspiring.

There's an english bookshop on the corner near my work that i've been going into every few days for the last couple of weeks...but why? i discovered they stock the Penguin Great Ideas series of books - short works by different philosophers and writers from Ancient Greece and China to Victorian Britain and pre-war Germany. The authors range from Schopenhauer to Lao Tzu, Nietzsche, Kant, Freud and beyond...

Of course they're mind-bendingly and head-scratchingly brilliant reads in themselves, but the cover art elevates them to a whole new level. i spent half an hour in there just fondling and staring at the covers today. I would have bought a few, but think a whole lot of other people must have the same idea - each one had been handled to death, and i like to get crisp pages for my money when i buy a new book. ok, i bought one.

the covers literally blow me away. it's such a perfect example of how good design and the right typography can make a good thing AMAZING.

here are a few of them. lush.

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