09 January 2011

December snow - an ode to clouds

Happy New Year to all...

Here's hoping the task of making and sticking to new years' resolutions won't be too troublesome...

So to begin 2011, i made a little film set to music (not sure if film is the word to use as it was so basically done). The view on my way home to england from spain was so beautiful that i had to record it. It was originally supposed to be the unedited video uploaded with a song, but i got very carried away and i ended up chopping a few parts up to the music...it's been a really long time since i've gone near any video-editing software though, so it was avery refreshing little exercise.

anyway, here it is, it's a little ode to my love of clouds and the british countryside covered in snow (they sort of blended in together, it was gorgeous) and one of my favourite songs at the moment too - Fuzzy by Radiosofa.

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