05 October 2010

BILBAO and work vs. play

Soo...In recent times I've been having issues over the word "work" when it comes to talking about the photographs I've made after  University, as most of them have since been spontaneous and unplanned.

I find that the word "work" (when referring to the creative process) implies long afternoons developing and squinting through negatives, creating contact sheets to be highlighted and mulled over, various frames test-printed to be later discarded followed by tedious conversations on colour-balance and/or composition...basically, what I spent four years doing at University and no longer do now (although I miss a good darkroom, but that subject might be for another day...).

It's taken me that long to work out that while creating good photographs does require a certain level of editing and an undeniable degree of, well, work, the most important part of the process I feel now has a lot more to do with the notion of toying around, of being less stiff with the camera and letting my intuition guide me - Something I'd always strived to do before, but now without the limits of a certain main project or theme, or title, I feel freer - returning to the simplicity of snapping life as it goes about its everyday business, sneaking up to catch it red-handed, liberating a moment from the confines of time and space to see what happens...

Sooo! To cut through this waffle...here is a selection of photographs I've taken over the last year or so, beginning with some taken over a long weekend in San Sebastian and Bilbao, Spain in July 2009.

(BELOW) The best part of the entire weekend focuses on a festival where grown adults with magnificently large, angry heads pursue small niños through the streets to then beat them with dried sheep bladders until the child is eventually saved by an adult with a head that is positively pea-sized in comparison....Probably one that has been looking forward to the moment their little darling can finally get their come-uppance by another grown adult without being legally obliged to call child-services.

Basically - never had I had so much fun on a rainy Sunday! >>>

A Basque stag-do....

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