09 October 2010

on starting a project....

Ahhh dear! Last night I had a good conversation with a friend about the nature of projects and research and the importance of gathering work into a coherent theme. So now after the long rant I posted a few days ago, I feel a little bit, well, silly!

I suppose the only thing I was slating was the idea of putting a strong, concentrated effort into photography to make an actual body of work, probably out of the uneasiness and fear of actually getting something started! And its all very well and good floating about taking whimsical photos here and there, but it's true that I want to do something more constructive and purposeful than that.

So we were talking about the point of making a project rather than floating about, photographing at random. It's to explore an idea or story - something that appeals to the intellect as well as to one's creativity. 

The photos I've been making have mostly arisen out of my curiosity with people, but obviously there needs to be something more than that.

Having my beautiful nikon D300 stolen at the very end of the summer was a big blow, and sort of threw me into a bit of an existential crisis - knowing that something is very wrong and needs to be put right. In retrospect I think it all arose from the idea that I need to start photographing again seriously. So, well, I've got my thinking hat on and hopefully soon some more creative juices will begin to flow.

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