05 April 2011

Crystal Fighters gig

Crystal Fighters 
@KGB, 7th April

When one young woman was clearing through the rubble of her deceased Granddad in their Basque family home, she stumbled across pages of scrawled opera lyrics; endless ramblings penned during the final throes of dementia. Joining forces with friends, they set to decipher his musical ramblings into something more palatable while preserving the name of her Grandfather’s piece in reverence. The Crystal Fighters were born.

This five-piece band knits together folkloric Basque instruments with bright, thumping Carnival beats, feathery vocals and plummeting, dubby grime. The results are startlingly organic and loose-limbed with some undeniable Boney M references that are infectiously cheerful.

If you’re still not sure, just imagine teleporting the locals of one small Basque village into a sweaty underground club in East London, feeding them some of Grandma’s finest acid-laced Victoria Sponge before projecting cloudscapes onto their bare genitalia…well, they're a little like that (if you’re into that sort of thing). I’ll be there laying down some bold shapes and moves at the back, head skyward bound. 

See you at KGB.

Copyright Natasha Drewnicki 2011. All rights reserved.

Address: KGB, C/ CA L'alegre de Dalt, 55 BIS
08024 Barcelona
Metro: Joanic
Price: 12€ in advance, 15€ on the door
Opening Hours: 7th April at 9pm.
Contact: www.entradas.com, www.crystalfighters.com

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